Common Room Appeal

The Trust Deed of Mettingham Orthodox Trust gives the trustees the obligation to use the resources of the Trust for the promotion of Orthodox Christianity by many means including publishing, seminars and lectures as well as facilitating worship and providing pastoral care for local church members, pilgrims and visitors.

We have here a purpose-built church and three acres of grounds surrounding the house. The house is slowly being transformed into a suitable condition for the college with a new heating system and modern plumbing. The progress of this work has been recorded in the monthly bulletin, which can be viewed on the website by going to and looking at the News page. The ground floor office has been restored, the library is being catalogued and the upstairs arrangements re-organised to provide ten bedrooms. All of this has been much more costly than we had originally envisaged.

There is, at the back of the house, a dis-used swimming pool. Since this is unwanted and covers quite a large space, it seemed sensible to redevelop the site as a garden room, elegantly called the pavilion by the architect. However, since the cost of this building project is unlikely to be less than £100,000 it is beyond our means at present. Yet, we still need some sort of church hall or meeting room for social and similar purposes. One answer to this question is to utilise a wasted part of the house. In the old servant’s wing, part of the ground floor was originally the laundry and similar facilities. A previous owner had opened up this area and turned it into a double garage with two up-and-over garage doors. This space could fairly easily be transformed into a Common Room at about a quarter of the cost of building the pavilion. The re-organisation of this part of the house would need the addition of loos and a kitchen annexe to make it fit for purpose. The garage doors would be replaced by windows and a proper entrance door. Thus the resulting common room should be quite large enough for a social gathering of fifty people, or possibly more, and would be a great asset to the life of the college and community. The old swimming pool will be filled in and paved over making a courtyard that can be accessed from the common room. If, of your charity, you would like to support this plan, God bless you. Cheques should be made payable to Mettingham Orthodox Trust. Gift Aid forms are available on the website here.